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Baseball and Softball Instruction

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Advanced Pitching Instruction

Instruction to Help You Excel on the Mound

Throw Harder

Increase Command

Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Coach Mac Hitting Instruction

Learn the Pro Swing Method
and improve your efficiency and consistency

Instruction is tailored to the individual. You will learn:

Proper bat path, how to maximize bat speed, repeatable mechanics, balance, hitting approach, and drills/routines that will last a liftetime

All hitters will be video taped and the latest in technology is used to evaluate and to direct further instruction including the Coaches Eye, Ubersense and Zepp technology.


Maule's Pro Baseball Instruction

Baseball Instruction and evaluation provided by former New York Yankees and Houston Astro's farmhand,
Jason Maule 

Please call Jason directly for more information on the services provided, cost, and to scheudule your sessions.

(860) 888-8587

Around the Horn Plainville Baseball Facility

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